Wan Chun Dou Xiao She (2024)

Wan Chun Dou Xiao She (2024)


It mainly revolved around a little-known crosstalk troupe on Beiwei Road – Wanchun Association. Aimed at reflecting all beings through the little people in the small place, the “actors” in the process of honing their skills constantly changed the understanding of crosstalk, the mentality of fame and fortune, and the understanding of the relationship between actors and audiences. The show also hoped to show the audience the story of the crosstalk performers on stage and behind the scenes. On the stage, the performers laughed and cursed each other to achieve success. Off the stage, they were humble, friendly and tolerant of each other. “There is no honor on the stage, but there are rules under the stage”, which displayed the unique reversal charm of crosstalk with a panoramic mode in three-dimensional way.

Other Name: 万春逗笑社

Released: Apr. 18, 2024

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