Tanshin Hanabi (2023)

Tanshin Hanabi (2023)


Shun Sakuragi works as a salesman for a company in Tokyo. Outside of his work, he enjoys his days with his wife and daughter. Suddenly, Shun Sakuragi is transferred to work in Kagoshima. He is familiar with the city, because he lived there when he was in junior high school. After his transfer, Shun Sakuragi lives alone in Kagoshima and his wife and daughter remain in Tokyo. One day, Shun Sakuragi meets his first love Hana Takeda for the first time in 17 years. She works as a middle school teacher in Kagoshima and her husband works works as first mate on a boat. Because of her husband’s job, she is usually lives by herself. Shun Sakuragi and Hana Takeda share happy and bitter memories of their teenage days together. Things become heated, when Hana Takeda decides to visit him late at night. She also hides a secret.

(Source: Dramaotaku) ~~ Adapted from the manga series “Tanshin Hanabi” (単身花日) by Iwashige Takashi (いわしげ孝).

Other Name: 単身花日

Released: Oct. 14, 2023


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