Imperfect Us (2024)

Imperfect Us (2024)


Chien Ching-fen realizes that her life has become a dull routine because she can’t find another goal. The goals she set for herself — a house, a car, a son, and a good husband — have been achieved after enduring endless suffering. What will her next goal be? As she ponders this, Chien Ching-fen laughs because she recognizes that, to experience a fleeting moment of happiness upon achieving our goals, we subject ourselves to suffering repeatedly. Could it be that we’ve misunderstood ourselves? We want to be happy, but perhaps we genuinely cherish the suffering. Chien Ching-fen realizes she must seek out more suffering for her next source of happiness. As a result, she recalls her love rival, Rebecca, whom she defeated. How is Rebecca doing now? Does she lead an exciting life? Does my husband still love her? As expected, she is suffering. But does this suffering genuinely lead to happiness?

Other Name: 不夠善良的我們

Released: Apr. 06, 2024

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